Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Hypnosis or NLP


If you have been trying to change your behavior and are finding it difficult to make progress, you could benefit from delving more deeply into why you are acting the way you are. Many people will automatically think of hypnosis when they try to make these sorts of changes, but there is another option in neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP. The two are different but often confused by people who know little about them. The two modalities have different approaches, though, and your goals and preferences (along with your persistence) determine which will work better for you.


If you want something that you can learn consciously and that does not rely on your being in any altered state, NLP training is what you want. While unconscious processes in your own mind may be driving your behavior, your analysis and approach to dealing with things is done consciously, and overall, you are an active participant. Hypnosis, famously, relies on your being put into a suggestive state where you are more passive. While you have nothing to fear from an ethical hypnotist or hypnotherapist, the idea of letting someone else tinker with your mind can be less appealing if you are not actively involved.

Unconscious Barriers

In both modalities, you have to deal with your unconscious, negative barriers. In NLP, these barriers can often present roadblocks to your progress— but the advantage is that you find out you have them and what they are. That gives you a chance to change them and to remind yourself that if something happens, it's driven by this block, rather than by any real barrier. In hypnosis, you can bypass the unconscious barriers more easily, but then you don't get a sense of what they really are. That makes getting rid of them a bit shakier if things are not done correctly.

Techniques to Put to Use

With hypnosis, you don't really put any techniques to use in your daily life. You may notice changes in how you deal with situations, but you can't sit down and rehypnotize yourself constantly. With NLP, you're given a set of tools to use when you see yourself exhibiting behavior you want to change. You can silently run through these tools and consciously change how you feel and react in a situation.

You can always arrange for a consultation with an NLP specialist if you want. You'll get a chance to learn more about the training and how to keep the effects going in your life.


24 October 2016

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