Four Fundraising Ideas For Your Baseball Team


Sports and fundraising go hand in hand these days. The equipment, uniforms, and other costs that are incurred with team sports can be very high -- and even with registration fees to play, fundraising has become the norm. Getting players involved is a great way to build a sense of team and get everyone working together for a goal. Here are some ideas to consider when fundraising for your team.

Selling Candy Bars and Chocolate

This is not a new idea. In fact, there are companies that will provide all the candy and help you with the sales if you need it. It is typically pretty easy to sell because everyone loves chocolate, right? If you have people in the area interested in buying goodies from the team, give it a try. Some teams make this a yearly event and raise a lot of cash through it.

50/50 Raffle at the Game

Before you take on a 50/50 raffle, check with your local municipality and make sure it is okay in your area. The idea here is to have some players go through the stands and sell tickets to the raffle for a set amount of money -- maybe a dollar each. Then, when there is a break in the game, one ticket is drawn. The holder of that ticket wins half the money in the pot and the team keeps the other half. It is easy and fun for the spectators, and it is a great way to raise a decent amount of money at each game.

Selling Water at The Game

Baseball is played outside and the weather is often very warm that time of year. Consider buying water in bulk and putting it on the ice at the game. You can set up a booth for people to buy the water or you could have runners go through the stands and offer water to the spectators. Again, if you buy the water at a good bulk price, you could definitely make a profit for the team and it is a service people need.

Getting the Parents Involved with Baked Goods

If you want to get the parents involved in the fundraising, a bake sale could be a great option. Cookies and candies always catch people's attention, so why not set up a few tables at a home game and get the parents to man them? Since the items are homemade and donated by the team families, the profits can all go to the team and help boost the bottom line of the budget.

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19 December 2016

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