How To Decorate A Wedding Hall With Flowers


If you want to give a traditional wedding reception hall a fresh, romantic flair, make flowers your decor focal points. Depending on your event budget, you can either use fresh or faux flowers, or a mixture of both. Just-picked blooms will also welcome guests into the venue with a sweet smell.

Faux flowers can also transform a sterile space into a spring- and summer-inspired wonderland. When choosing the plastic blooms, the key is to find ones that look as natural as possible. Some are so realistic-looking that you may even end up fooling the guests into thinking that they are fresh from the florist. 

You can use flowers to give the hall a personalized touch by creating a theme, such as red and white roses, or springy tulips and daffodils. They will also fit seamlessly into your color scheme since they come in a such a wide variety of colors. If a specific fresh flower doesn't come in the hue that you desire, you can have it dyed to match the rest of your decor.

Here are some ideas for decorating a wedding hall with flowers:


When it comes to eye-catching table centerpieces, you can't go wrong with flowers. Make a big impact with minimal effort by filling elegant tall crystal vases with long-stemmed blooms and placing them down the center of the tables.

If you going for a more country-inspired theme, fill glass Mason jars with fresh-picked wildflowers or daisies. You can even place one jar by each place setting and have guests take them home as favors. 

As a romantic touch, throw handfuls of either real or fake rose petals all over the tables. As another option, place just the colorful tops of faux flowers down the center of the table in place of traditional linen runners, and line each side with flickering tea lights in glass holders.


As an unexpected twist, pick the tops of off faux flowers and insert them into foam craft balls, completely covering the surfaces. Attach ribbons to the tops of them using thumbtacks and them hang them from ceiling rafters. 

Cake and Cake Table 

For a wedding cake that is sure to wow guests, decorate the dessert with edible flowers. Not only will the cake be tasty, it will also work double-duty as decor. If you opt for a classic flower-free cake, you can use vases filled with fresh or faux blooms to add color and interest to the cake table instead. 

For more information and options for decorating the wedding hall, talk with different venue companies, like Deer Tail Lodge, LLC.


21 December 2016

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