Leaving The Church Behind: 4 Ideas For Non-Traditional Wedding Venues


There's nothing wrong with a non-traditional wedding. And a non-traditional wedding deserves a non-traditional venue. The church works fine for some. For those that would like something a little more unique, here are four ideas for non-traditional venues.

1. Go Back to Where It All Started

Where did you and your soon-to-be spouse meet for the first time? Why not have your wedding there? Many places will allow you to rent the space or have a ceremony, even if they don't advertise it. All you have to do is ask.

2. Find a Venue that Plays to Your Mutual Interests

You like art, they like art, so why not see if you can have your ceremony at your local art gallery? As previously mentioned, many places will allow a ceremony to take place.

Just think about it. What do the both of you enjoy? If you both like theater, then head down to the local opera house and see what rates they can give you to use the stage for a time.

3. Have Your Ceremony on Public Property

Some of the most scenic views and beautiful backdrops are on public lands. State parks, national parks, preserves, and various other places can play a role in your wedding. For those that really want an outdoor wedding, then public land usually represents some of the most ideal choices.

Know that use of public land will come with rules and restrictions. You will have to seek out permits for having your ceremony or reception on public land. The way it works will vary depending on location, so make sure you check with the town and see what they require. Many state and national parks have websites that list the procedure for using the land for ceremonies.

4. Get Married By the Water

Do large bodies of water play a role in your life? Consider a marriage on the beach, by a lake, or near a waterfall. Beaches can exist on both public and private property. The same goes for any body of water.

If it's private property, all you need to do is check with the owner and ask or make an offer. If the beach is on public property, then you must seek the proper permits, as with the previous suggestion.

No matter where you choose to have your non-traditional wedding, you should speak to a wedding event planner. A planner can help you figure out which locations are the most viable. Whether you want to hold the ceremony, reception, or both at a non-traditional venue, it helps to have a professional guide you through the process.


21 December 2016

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