Planning An Awards Ceremony For Your Company? Here's What To Look For In An Event Planning Company


Now that your awards ceremony is coming up, it's time to start planning everything from the guest invitations and decorations to the entertainment and guest speaker sessions. Hiring an event planner is an excellent way to take some of the stress out of the process, and to ensure that you don't forget to plan or execute anything important to the event. Here are a few features to look for when choosing an event manager to work with:

Awards Preparations

In addition to the planning and prep of the event itself, look for an event planner who is willing to design, produce, and present the awards for your employees too. You'll have one less thing to worry about, which will help keep your stress levels low as the big event approaches. Make sure that the planner you work with has experience designing company awards to ensure that you don't end up with generic awards that you could have ordered from the corner trophy shop yourself.

It's also important to request an outline of how their awards creation process works and to ask as many questions upfront as possible, so you know what to expect. Will you be presented with several designs to choose from and be included in the decision-making process throughout the award production period, or will everything be done before the final design is presented to you? Will you have a say-so when it comes to colors and slogans that will be used? How long will it take to produce the awards from beginning to end?

A Buffet Menu Plan

Instead of trying to come up with two or three different meal options that will appease all your employees at the event, find an event planner to work with that can provide you with a buffet-style meal plan. This way, you don't even have to worry about choosing main menus, side dishes, and desserts – you can simply rely on your event planner to put together a spread of various dishes that are sure to appeal to even the pickiest of eaters who show up to the event.

A Cleanup Crew

Not every event planner provides cleanup services. They usually expect you to clean up the trash and debris left behind after the event ends. Event planners who don't provide cleanup options will typically take care of everything else involved with the event, including providing trash cans to keep the event space as clean as possible as it progresses. But if you want to make sure that you or your employees don't end up picking up garbage, scrubbing tables, and mopping floors, it's a good idea to hire an event planner that has their own crew for this job.

Making sure that your event planner offers these basic features is a surefire way to minimize stress when it comes to planning and prepping and to optimize enjoyment when it comes to the festivities. 

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28 December 2016

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