The Best Event Venue Selection Could Lead To Judo Tournament Growth


Martial arts instructors are always looking for ways to draw in new members. Streaming a tournament online could draw a lot of new students to a judo club. The fantastic action of a judo match definitely captures attention, but the wrong venue selection might undermine the intended dramatic effect. Carefully choosing the right venue is critical, but those with limited funds may think options are equally limited. Options are definitely not limited. The setup employed at the venue can make the tournament come off quite visually impressive and effectively support promotional goals.

The Action Is Not Enough

A spectacular judo throw performed on a tough competitor should be impressive to a spectator. If the backdrop to the exciting match is a big arena with mostly empty seats, the event is not going to come off as important. Leaving a weak impression would hamper enthusiasm in spectators who are potential club members. Running a small tournament at a local school definitely saves money, but it looks way to "on the cheap" to impress. The action has to occur in an event venue that looks professional. Renting a medium-sized catering hall for 8 hours might be the better choice. The venue would look professional, not come with huge costs, and not require filling up 2,000 empty seats.

Creating the Right Setup

Just laying mats down in a medium-sized venue won't be enough to make sure the tournament looks good on the stream. Effectively controlling the positioning of everything in front of the camera is a must. The crowd of people at the venue might not be huge, but the crowd can be made to look bigger than what it is. Two hundred people spread around the event venue's interior means there will be a lot of gaps. Keeping the group of 200 people closer together makes the show looked packed. The visuals of the stream are going to look a lot better. The event displays a "packed house" atmosphere.

Working with an Event Planner

Judo coaches know how to teach judo and run schools. Effectively choosing and setting up an event venue is likely outside the average judo enthusiast's skill set. Addressing concerns with an event booking service definitely would help with getting the right size venue and the right interior setup. Such assistance may contribute to the eventual future growth of subsequent judo tournaments. Membership at the judo club might see a nice jump as well.

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30 December 2016

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