5 Tips For Planning A Great Early Or Mid-Day Wedding


Whether you're looking for a way to save on wedding costs or you just prefer to get your big day rolling, having a mid-day wedding and reception can be the perfect way to make your day even more special. If you think this might be a good fit for you, here are five tips for the best mid-day wedding ever.

Decide on a Meal. There are three daytime wedding food options to serve your guests: breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Which of these meals appeals most to you may help determine what time you want to host your ceremony and reception. If you're planning a mid-morning or noon reception, you can compromise and offer both brunch and lunch options. While breakfast foods may not seem an obvious wedding choice, you can have fun with such a menu by offering a muffin or doughnut cake, milk and cookie shots, or a flapjack bar. 

Keep It Light. Lunch or brunch meals at a daytime reception are generally lighter fare that's more appropriate at the early hour. You're likely to find that this saves you money when it comes to feeding your guests. Easy-to-eat offerings may include lots of fruit, light sweets like cookies, sherbet or ice cream, and a morning-friendly drink like mimosas or sangria. Consider skipping the full sit-down meal and opting for finger sandwiches, dessert tarts, or scaled-down food varieties served in shot glasses. 

Know the Light. Scope out your wedding venue in the morning or noon hours before the wedding day to determine what the lighting is like. An outdoor venue may enjoy fantastic natural sunlight in the morning that will enhance your photos. Work with the venue manager, your photographer, and any wedding coordinator to take advantage of the morning light and full mid-day sun for the ceremony and photograph sessions. 

Simplify the Morning. Midday weddings mean that you may have to squeeze things into the morning that you may otherwise have been able to spend all day doing. Things like hair and makeup, venue decorations, and photographs may need to be moved around to fit the timeline. Avoid planning to do much on the wedding morning, instead reserving it solely for getting the participants ready. Get the venue, such as The Manoa Grand Ballroom, decorated the day before if possible or work with the venue staff to simplify your decorating scheme as much as you can. 

Enjoy the Afterparty. One of the best things about an early wedding may be the ability to not spend your entire day worrying about the details and visiting with guests. With the important parts of the wedding out of the way, you can enjoy the party and feel more relaxed on your big day. Leaving the reception by mid-afternoon can leave room in your day to enjoy a relaxing time at the hotel with your new spouse, enjoy dinner out, or even meet up with your best friends for a great, casual afterparty. 

While most people don't consider a morning or lunch time wedding as a first choice for their big event, it can be a good way to de-stress your wedding and allow you and your guests to enjoy the day more. And what bride or groom can't get behind that idea?


5 January 2017

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