Looking For A Business Partner? Go On A Test Run At An Escape Room


Starting a business is something that you may have wanted to do for a long time, but you may have realized that you will have a greater chance of success with a business partner. Finding this person is much harder than a task such as hiring a service professional because you may be working with this individual for many years and dealing with lots of life-changing decisions.

Meeting candidates over coffee is a great way to introduce yourselves and learn more about each other. But, you may want to do more than just talk before deciding on a business partner. So, you should consider giving your partnership a test run by going through an escape room.

Determine Level of Communication

When you are discussing life experiences, work experience, and business ideas over coffee, the people you consider for a partnership may not have any difficulty with talking. But, when you are under a lot of pressure because you need to escape the room within a certain time frame, a person's ability to communicate and get their point across in a clear manner can change.

This will help in deciding whether a person is right for a business partnership. Being able to handle the pressure and still work with you is an excellent sign, especially after only recently meeting.

Find Out Team Compatibility

Along with communication, you will want to find out your compatibility as a team. Some people think alike and this may be what you are looking for in a partner. But, you may have a specific way of looking at things and want your partner to take the opposite approach to situations. An escape room is the perfect place to see if working together provides overall improvements.

Create Realistic Goals

Going into an escape room is tough because you want to reach the finish, but you will have to take small steps to figure out all the puzzles that eventually lead to your escape. A great partner is someone who will help you create realistic goals that you can accomplish to get further.

This can work by each of you taking on individual tasks and then sharing your findings. Or, you can take on the same puzzles and use constant communication to get closer to figuring them out.

An escape room, such as at Go Dream, can provide you with an exciting and memorable experience, but you should also feel confident about using it to gauge your compatibility with potential business partners.


22 November 2017

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