Booking Event Space For Your Wedding Weekend: Three Venues To Consider


When it comes to planning your wedding weekend, there's more to consider than just the place where you will hold your ceremony and reception. There are several other venues you can consider when planning your wedding weekend to make it truly special. Here are three venues to book for your wedding.

Rehearsal Dinner Venue

When it comes to planning your rehearsal dinner, you'll need to do more than call in a reservation ahead of time. This party can include many guests, including the immediate family of the bride and groom, the wedding party, and the spouses and partners of the wedding party. The guest list may be more than some restaurants can handle, even with a bit of advanced notice. Work with your party planner to secure event space at a banquet hall, hotel, or a restaurant with a private dining room, and look at catering options to ensure everyone has a great meal the night before your nuptials.

Wedding Brunch Venue

Some couples choose to have a wedding brunch the day after the wedding. This gathering is for close family and the wedding party, typically, and it often includes time to open wedding gifts. Having this event at the hotel you and your family plan to stay at can allow everyone to sleep in and not have to worry about driving to a second location. Talk to the hotel staff about renting a small conference room or event space that gives you and your family a bit of privacy while you pour over wedding pictures and open gifts of cookware, monogrammed towels, and new china.

Wedding After-Party Venue

Believe it or not, the time that you book for your reception can fly by, and you may not want to the party to end just because the cake has been served and eaten. Consider booking a venue for an after party, which gives everyone who wants to continue celebrating the chance to do so. This venue might be at a local club or bar, but it might also mean booking a private dining room at a local restaurant for midnight milkshakes and cake. Talk to the members of your wedding party to come up with ideas for a unique after-party, and then work with your party planner to find the perfect venue.

Instead of just celebrating your wedding after the ceremony, use these venue options as a way to make your celebration last all weekend long. For more information or advice, contact a business such as Double A Ranch.


24 January 2018

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