Planning An Outdoor Event: A Checklist


Do you want your first outdoor event to be a success? Make sure you follow all of the steps on the list below. 

Rent a Tent

It would be a shame to have great food and entertainment lined up, only for your event to be rained out. So, looking at event tent rentals is your first step to check off. Do this early because the best event tent rental companies can sell out in certain seasons, especially spring when the weather is dubious. 

Choose a Power Source

You may not have access to traditional electrical outlets. So, you will have to think carefully about your power source. Many events use a generator as their main power source because they are portable and easy to set up. Your event tent rentals company may be able to provide you a power source that easily and seamlessly integrates with the tent. 

Think About Food Safety

With variable weather conditions, you have to think a little harder about food safety. You wouldn't want your food to get into the danger zone from sitting at a temperature that's too high or low. Especially for long events, plan out how you plan to keep food safe. This may mean having backup heating sources or ice available if you need it. Aside from temperatures, also think about controlling outdoor pests around food. You might have a bug repellent or something similar to catch any bugs that are wandering towards your food setup. 

Think About Guests Comfort

Your guests will appreciate it if you give them plenty of options for getting out of the elements for a while. That could be something as simple as an air conditioner or fan set up in part of your space. Some tents have flaps that cover all sides, making them more like a makeshift room than an open-air space. You might not want that for your entire event, but you could consider adding a small section that's enclosed and somewhat climate controlled. At the very least, provide fans if it's supposed to be a hot day. 

Plan Your Capacity Well

Finally, be sure you have enough amenities and space in your outdoor setup for the number of people that plan to come. This may mean that you have to add additional equipment if you get a lot of RSVPs or hear more hype about your event than what you had anticipated. 


27 April 2018

Planning a Fundraising Event

My father is an amazing man. He has pastored the same church in a tiny rural community for the past three decades. Whenever anyone in the community needed financial assistance, my dad has always been willing to help. Over the years, he’s planned several fundraising events that were huge successes. Do you need to plan a fundraising event in the near future? Consider hiring a professional event planner to help you accomplish this important task. An event planner can help you book a facility and select a caterer. On this blog, I hope you will discover the advantages of hiring an event planner to help you make an upcoming fundraiser successful.