Choosing The Right Catering Service For Your Wedding


The catering for your wedding is one of the most important considerations for making your wedding a success. However, you may be a bit concerned about how you can make the best decisions about such an important aspect of your wedding. If you would like some help, here are some tips that you will find extremely helpful.

Get Your Budget Straight

Your budget will determine what you can and cannot do. It is futile to contact a catering service until you decide how much you can or are willing to spend. The amount of money you can spend will help you to determine which catering services you can contact and which ones you shouldn't. It will also help catering services to tailor the package presented to you.

Take A Look At Several Proposals

Once you have your budget right, it's time to start calling companies to hear proposals. If you're not sure where to start, just use Google to search something like "wedding caterer charlotte nc" in local terms to see what options are nearby. You can then begin to make comparisons to see what best suits your style, tastes, and pocket. Look at proposals that offer the right number of appetizers, courses, and servers. The last thing you want is to have your guests waiting for long periods to get served a meal or drinks.

Tableware and Linens

Depending on the venue that you choose you may run into problems getting tables, linens and chairs. Find out if your cater will provide these for you. Bear in mind that these items will usually incur an extra fee should you decide to make use of these services. You could rent these yourself independent of your caterer but that will take a bit more work on your part.

Taste Test Your Choices

A lot of foods you choose for your wedding will look good on a menu but if you really want to be sure that your palate and that of your guests will appreciate what is being served, ask your caterer for a taste test. Many caterers may not accommodate you, but if you have never had their food then this step cannot be missed. A lot of catering companies attend expos, find out if your catering company has an upcoming event and purchase a ticket to test out their food. Of course, getting reviews from people who have used them or checking their reviews online can also help you make the right decision.

Finding the right caterer for your wedding is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make. Follow the guidelines given and you should be able to find a caterer that suits your tastes and your budget.


20 July 2018

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