Effectively Planning The Catering For Your Company's Event


Hosting a large event for your company can be a stressful ordeal to manage. Mistakes or problems during these events may reflect poorly on your company, and this can be devastating if the event is targeting investors or customers. The food service for your event can be one of the most important parts of the gather, and using a professional catering service can be the most efficient way of ensuring your guests are served delicious foods.

Always Request A Tasting From Any Potential Catering Services

The quality of the food service that you provide can be instrumental in determining the reception that your guests will have to your event. Unfortunately, it can be impossible to effectively gauge the quality of a dish without first trying it. Many catering services will offer a tasting option for potential clients so that they can see the range of dishes that may be prepared along with testing the quality of the food. It can be advisable to have at least a couple of people attend the tasting as individuals can have wide-ranging food preferences and tastes.

Consider Having Guests Confirm Their Order When They Accept The Invitation

Managing the food budget for your event can be a critical aspect of the logistics of managing one of these affairs. Unfortunately, individuals will often struggle with this part of the process. A simple way to help reduce the confusion and guesswork that goes into this part of the planning process will be to have guests choose their dish when they accept their invitation. This will ensure that the exact number of dishes are available. In addition to reducing food waste, this will also help ensure that guests receive their preferred dish by avoiding situations where the caterer runs out of certain items.

Avoid Keeping Attendees Hungry

If your event will have presentations that guests will need to focus their attention on, it is important to avoid leaving them hungry throughout this part of the event. When your guests are hungry, their attention will be less focused on the presentations, and their moods may sour. By having the food served at the start of the event, you can allow for presentations to occur while attendees are eating. An added benefit of this approach will be that it is also more time-efficient, which can help to keep your event as short as possible without having to sacrifice important elements. If you take this approach, you will want to include short breaks between presentations so that attendees can have their plates taken away or request additional items from the servers.

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21 February 2019

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My father is an amazing man. He has pastored the same church in a tiny rural community for the past three decades. Whenever anyone in the community needed financial assistance, my dad has always been willing to help. Over the years, he’s planned several fundraising events that were huge successes. Do you need to plan a fundraising event in the near future? Consider hiring a professional event planner to help you accomplish this important task. An event planner can help you book a facility and select a caterer. On this blog, I hope you will discover the advantages of hiring an event planner to help you make an upcoming fundraiser successful.