Planning A Casino Night Fundraiser? 3 Essentials For Success


Whether you are trying to earn money for your small business, school organization, or charity, planning a fundraiser can be beneficial. From bake and craft sales to marathons and raffles, there are many ways to fundraise for your business or organization. However, a casino night can be fun, memorable, and profitable.

Of course, organizing a casino night fundraiser can be challenging, especially if you have never visited a casino or you are not familiar with traditional casino games or gambling. Fortunately, help is available. This guide will give you a few essentials to include in your casino night fundraiser.

Casino Games

Obviously, your casino night will need casino games, but certain games can be more enjoyable and beneficial to your fundraiser than others. You do not want your guests to feel overwhelmed or confused, so you should avoid bringing in games and dealers for games that most people are not familiar with.

To ensure your guests enjoy themselves while participating in your casino night fundraiser, focus on more traditional games.

Poker, for example, is an excellent option to consider because most people have some experience playing poker. Plus, because there are many versions of poker, such as 5-card draw, 5-card stud, and Texas hold 'em, most people will know and be able to play some version of poker, increasing the amount of money you can bring in during your fundraiser night.

In addition to poker tables and dealers, consider craps, blackjack, roulette, and a few slot machines for your casino night fundraiser.

Make sure you have enough tables, chairs, and dealers so a large portion of your guests can play the games. Contact a provider of casino table rentals for help with this.

Other Entertainment

The casino games will make up the majority of your fundraising event. However, your guests will most likely appreciate a few other forms of entertainment.

Music is essential, so invest in either a live band or a professional DJ that will ensure music is playing all through the venue during your casino night. Play a mixture of musical genres, including current pop hits and oldies, which will appeal to most everyone at your event. If your venue has the space, consider an area specifically designated for dancing.

Other than casino gaming and music, comedy or magic shows can also be a good option for your casino fundraiser. Hire local talent to entertain guests who choose not to participate in the actual casino games. Since you will most likely be selling tickets just to enter the event, the comedy and magic shows will still be a good investment.

It is also important to choose this talent based on whether or not children will be allowed at the event. If guests can bring children, choose comedians and magicians who are family friendly.

Food and Dining

Your guests will most likely want to eat and drink during the fundraiser, but you can satisfy their cravings in a few different ways. Many fundraisers will choose to sell meal and beverage tickets before the event. These tickets can be used to purchase meals or drinks during the actual casino fundraiser night.

A sit-down meal included in the purchase of the event ticket can be a great selling feature. The meal does not have to be incredibly fancy — you could even offer a buffet-style option that is reminiscent of the popular casino buffets.

Another option is to sell snacks and drinks throughout the night. Ask local businesses to donate the snacks/drinks so any money earned during the fundraiser will go directly to your organization or charitable cause.

A casino night can be a good fundraising alternative to other traditional options. With this guide, you will be able to plan a fun fundraiser that is not only enjoyable but also profitable.


15 May 2019

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