Did Your Best Friend Ask for a Club Crawl to Commemorate Their Divorce? 3 Tips to Make it Absolutely Memorable


After watching your best friend go through a divorce, it feels good to finally see them ready to cut loose and enjoy the freedom of being single. A club crawl in your favorite city is a great way to get out there and start mingling, and you never know what might happen as you venture from club to club. Naturally, you want to give your best friend a night to remember—these are just a few tips that will have them feeling like you just rolled out the red carpet to give them the royal treatment.

Start the Evening Off with Dinner

A club crawl is full of unpredictable moments such as watching your friend do the latest moves on the dance floor. However, there is one thing that is for certain, and that is that there will be lots of drinking involved. Plan to have everyone meet for dinner before you hit the clubs. This gives everyone a chance to get together and chat, and having some food on your stomach will help you to avoid getting too inebriated to enjoy the moment. 

Give Everyone a Signature Accessory

The majority of the hottest nightclubs have dress codes in place. For instance, some clubs require high heels for the ladies and dress shoes for men. Always make sure that you know what to wear to the club so that everyone can get in. While dress codes are designed to improve everyone's experience, you can still have some fun with your accessories. In addition to encouraging everyone to wear their finest clothing, consider passing out an accessory that helps everyone stand out. A set of cute headbands or crazy neckties will help you all find each other in the club. Wearing matching accessories also lets the other people in the club know that your group has come to party.

Get Luxury Treatment on a Tour

You might be able to hit a few clubs on your own, but DIY crawls tend to go awry once people start to lose each other. Set up a club crawl tour that allows you to benefit from having a professional guide you through the night's events. From helping you to enjoy perks such as bypassing long lines and getting special treatment at the bar, your best friend will be amazed at how well you planned their first experience hitting the town after obtaining their new single status.


17 December 2019

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