Questions To Consider Before You Contact An Event Consultant


Event consultants can help you plan and pull off an amazing event, but how helpful they can be depends partly on how much information you're able to give them. In order to get the most out of a meeting with an event consultant, consider these questions before you meet with them to plan your event.

What is Your Budget for the Event?

Financial numbers aren't the most fun part of planning an event, but they're an essential component of the planning process. Consider how much you're able to spend on the event, and make sure you share this information with your event consultant early on in your meeting with them. You don't need an exact budget, but a rough monetary range will help in two ways.

Frist, your event consultant will be able to show you what sort of event you can have once they know the range of your budget. They can show you examples of other events they helped plan that had similar budgets so you can see exactly what sort of event you're able to pay for.

Second, your total budget will help an event consultant know what vendors to recommend to you. Although you might not know how a total budget gets divided between the location, caterer, entertainment, and other vendors, your consultant will know. They can allocate rough portions of your total budget to the appropriate categories and recommend vendors accordingly.

How Many People Do You Expect to Invite?

You don't need a final invitation list when you first meet with an event consultant, but an estimate of how many people you expect to invite will also help. From an estimated list of invitees, your consultant can project how many people will likely actually attend the event.

With a projected number of attendees, your event consultant can recommend spaces that can accommodate the right number of people. Their size-based venue recommendations will save you a lot of time that could otherwise be wasted while looking at venues that are too small or too large.

Do You Want to Serve Alcohol?

Whether you want to serve alcohol may influence where you can hold an event. For example, some religious buildings and public parks prohibit alcohol consumption. If you want to serve beer, wine, or mixed drinks, these obviously will be unsuitable venues.

Consider whether you want to offer alcohol, and your event consultant can recommend suitable locations if you do want to.

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23 January 2020

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