Helpful Tips When Renting Out Seating For A Big Event


If you're having an event where people will be sitting, then it's important that you provide them with event seating. This is one of the more important investments you could make for a big event, and to ensure you make the right decisions, keep these tips in mind. 

Order the Right Quantity

You want there to be plenty of seats for your guests, but you don't want to order too much because then you're just wasting money. You have to find the right balance and for this to happen, you need to carefully examine the size of your event.

Just how many people do you think will be coming to the event? You can get a pretty concrete average by sending out RSVPs to the event. You'll then be able to collect some rough figures that give you an idea of how much seating to really order. 

Assess Comfort 

When your guests arrive and sit down, you want them to be able to remain comfortable the entire time. Otherwise, they may not enjoy the event as much and that can hurt whatever cause the event is for.

So that this doesn't happen, you'll want to assess the comfort levels of the event seating you plan on renting. The best way to go about this is to actually sit on different rental seats in person. You can then judge for yourself what chairs have adequate cushion and thus will be able to help your guests stay comfortable for hours if need be.

Carefully Examine Rental Contract

Before the event seating rentals are dropped off at your event site, it's a good idea to go through the rental contract thoroughly. There are important details you need to examine before proceeding with this rental.

For instance, you need to see what the rental company is charging you. The breakdown of the rates should be listed clearly, whether it's by the hour or a one-time fee at the end. Also, see what you're responsible for should damage happen to the chairs. Understanding these details from the beginning can help you avoid future confusion and a lot of issues.

If you're throwing a big event with a lot of people, providing event seating is important. Then guests will be able to sit down and relax throughout the event. As long as you weigh important factors and make sure you assess your particular event carefully, you can carry out this rental without any major issues. 

For more information, reach out to an event seating rental company near you. 


23 April 2020

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