Want A Grand Entrance For Your Event? Rent These Things


When you're planning an event, you need to think about how your guests will enter the building. On some occasions, it can be fun to plan and execute a grand entrance that will excite your attendees before they walk through the doors of the venue. Once you have your vision in mind, contact a local event rental company to see what things you can rent to turn your idea into a reality. While the exact items that you'll want to rent can vary based on the type of event you're hosting, here are some things that may be on your list.

Carpet Runner

Few things are as synonymous with making a grand entrance as walking down a carpet, so you'll want to find an event rental service that has carpet runners available. A red carpet offers a classic look and may be appropriate for your event, but don't be afraid to ask about what other carpet colors are available. Depending on your event, it may be appropriate to use a different hue. For example, if you're hosting a corporate affair and your company uses purple as its primary branding color, a purple carpet can tie in well.

Stanchions And Rope

Another way to give your entrance a grand look is with a set of stanchions and rope. This is the equipment that you'll commonly see lining carpet runners at formal events. Stanchions are available in many different styles, although they'll typically be made of metal and have heavy bases. The rope passes through each of the stanchions to form a barrier that you can place along the sides of the carpet runner. Often, the rope is velvet or material that looks like velvet and, like the carpet runner, it can be available in several colors. You may wish to choose a rope that matches the carpet. If this isn't possible, neutral colors, such as gray or black, are suitable.


It may be appropriate to add some lights to your entrance area as a way of further enhancing its grand look. Many event rental services have various lighting options that you may wish to consider. Ground-mounted floodlights, for example, can be fun to add at various points along your carpet runner. The inclusion of the lights will especially ensure that your event's guests will be able to see the entrance area from a considerable distance, which will ensure that they don't miss it.


14 September 2021

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