Tips For Holding A Special Event At A Castle


If you're looking for a unique special event venue that your guests won't ever forget, consider a castle such as Castle Waterford. The one-of-a-kind venue will provide a sweeping backdrop for your celebration.

A castle makes a stunning venue for any type of special event, including both kids' and adults' celebrations, holiday parties, corporate get-togethers and team-building events, anniversary soirees, graduations, wedding receptions, and bridal and baby showers. Guest of all ages will enjoy exploring the rooms, the grounds, and all that the venue has to offer.

As soon as you've decided on holding your event at a castle, reserve it as soon as possible since it will likely book up fast, especially during summer and the winter holiday season.  When you call to reserve, ask if the castle offers specific event space, such as a dining or ballroom, or if you can use the entire venue for a private party. This will be especially ideal for a celebration with a large guest list.

Here are some additional tips for holding your special event at a castle:

1. Confirm the Space 

Since castles are so large, there are many different rooms and spaces in which you can celebrate. Work with the event staff to determine what areas will be best for your party. For instance, if you're having a DJ or live band and guests will need room to dance, a great hall or ballroom will fit your needs. 

During the warm spring, summer, and early fall months, consider holding your soiree outdoors. Most castles offer ample, well-manicured lawns as well as flowering gardens, which will provide ideal photo opportunities. For outdoor gatherings, make sure there is an alternative indoor space, or arrange to set up an event tent, in case of inclement weather. If you want to have live music outdoors, make sure it is allowed on the grounds.

2. Decide on Catering

Many castle venues offer onsite catering options for convenience. However, if you have a specific type of cuisine in mind, such as Japanese or Indian, you may have to go with an outside caterer. If you require a birthday or wedding cake, or any other type of special dessert, inquire if the castle catering staff will provide it. If not, makes plans with a local bakery.

Also, find out if you'll need to provide your own dining tables and chairs, or if it's included with the venue. Consider adding a personalized touch with themed table linens and chair cushions, as well as customized centerpieces such as fresh flowers or candles. 


28 February 2022

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