Why You Should Rent A Walk-In Snow Globe


Most people who attend a holiday party are already in a good mood about the festive time of year, but when you add a handful of suitable party rentals to the event, you'll make your attendees' smiles even bigger. It can be fun to check out what holiday-related party rentals are available at your local rental service. You'll see all sorts of options, including walk-in snow globes. Most people are familiar with small snow globes that are popular decorative items around the holidays, but may not have seen a walk-in snow globe. The addition of one of these devices can be good for holiday parties for kids and adults alike. Here are three reasons to rent a walk-in snow globe.


A lot of holiday-themed party rentals add to the look of your event, but don't give people the ability to interact with them. A walk-in snow globe, however, offers numerous interaction opportunities. Simply walking into one of these snow globes can be fun, and you can expect that a lot of your attendees will seek out this opportunity. Lots of snow globes have artificial snow on the bottom that people can toss into the air, while others come with props such as large candy canes that people can hold.

Photo Op

People enjoy taking photos at holiday parties, and it's nice to rent items that can help to make peoples' photos have a unique look. There's little question that when you have a walk-in snow globe at your event, people will be eager to use it as a photo prop. While some people can snap selfies while they're inside the globe, small groups can have people take their pictures from a short distance away. Those who enter the globe will be able to toss the artificial snow in the air, laughing and smiling as it floats down onto them.

Useful For Games

If you're planning a handful of games at your holiday event, it's easy to incorporate your rented walk-in snow globe. For example, if you have children at the event and you're planning to give each of them a small gift, one option is to hide the gifts in the artificial snow that covers the floor of the snow globe. You can then give kids the opportunity to enter the globe and gleefully search through the snow until they pull out a wrapped gift. To check out a selection of walk-in snow globes available for rent, as well as a variety of other rentals, visit a party rental service such as Elle Event Rentals.


25 April 2022

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