Two Tips To Choose A Wedding Venue Your Guests Will Love


Getting married is one of the most important events in a person's life, and most people want nothing less than the perfect wedding. The wedding venue and associated costs are by far the most expensive component of the wedding. It's also the most important component as the venue sets the tone for everything else. Here are two important things to consider before signing the contract. 

1. Acoustics

Acoustics probably aren't at the forefront of your mind when dreaming of the ideal venue, but they should be. Acoustics determine how sound is transmitted throughout the room. 

A venue that has poor acoustics can dramatically affect the entire vibe of your wedding. A large wedding ballroom with less than ideal acoustics can be very uncomfortable for your guests. A room that echoes or amplifies sound makes for a very noisy environment, far from relaxing.  

If guests have to shout to be heard, it's difficult for them to socialize with one another. People eventually choose not to bother trying to converse. Hard-of-hearing guests may feel bored or left out when they can't understand what is being said or actively participate in conversations. A wedding is bringing two families together and free-flowing conversation is key to getting to know one another. 

Poor venue acoustics will also negatively affect your music entertainment. Whether you choose a live band or a DJ, a venue with poor acoustics will lessen your and your guests' enjoyment. The music may reverberate and bounce off the walls, making conversation difficult. It may be too loud, further alienating guests who don't care for the type of music you choose. When considering a venue, be sure to visit the room in full wedding swing so you can assess what the space sounds like.  

2. Location

Your dream wedding ballroom venue may be a rustic barn out in the country, but will the logistics of a remote location work for you and your guests? How will your guests arrive? How will they depart? Where will they retire to? 

When guests are concerned about finding the place, worried about drinking too much because they have a long drive home down dark, unfamiliar country roads, your wedding won't be the fun fest you want it to be. Out-of-town guests will likely feel even more uncomfortable. Your venue should be easily accessible, have public transportation options, and be in close proximity to lodging options. 

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8 June 2022

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