6 Helpful Tips For Renting Portable Toilets


Do you have an event that requires portable toilets for the guests? It can be difficult to figure out what your needs are when it comes to portable toilets. Here are some tips to think about when you place your rental order.

Consider The Width Of the Entrances

Getting the portable toilets into your event area is definitely a consideration you'll want to take. If you are going through gates, you'll want to make sure that the portable toilet is smaller than the opening that you have. A handicapped portable toilet is going to be much bigger than a standard model, and you don't want to be in a situation where the portable toilet is not in the palace you want it. 

Consider A Hand Washing Station

Making sure your guests stay clean after using a portable toilet is important, and it can be done in a couple of different ways. You can have a portable toilet with hand sanitizer in them so that every guest has access after using the bathroom. You can also upgrade to models that have sinks built into them or even rent a separate hand washing station that sits outside of the portable toilets. 

Consider Locking The Portable Toilets When Not in Use

Worried about people having access to the portable toilets outside of the hours of the event? Then you may want to use padlocks or zip ties to keep the doors shut when they are not in use. Your portable toilet rental company may even be able to provide a lock set with matching keys so that they are easy to lock and unlock when needed. 

Consider Adding Lights

Have an event that is going on late at night? You may need to add an LED light to each portable toilet, especially if it is located in a dark area. You can always place the portable toilets underneath a large overhead light, and the translucent top will allow enough light in so that people can see when using the bathroom. 

Consider Adding Insurance

Have concerns about guests vandalizing or breaking the portable toilets? It's worth asking about purchasing insurance that will protect you from fees if damage does occur to the portable toilet while you have them. It is typically a small fee that you pay per portable toilet, and it covers all types of damage that may happen that you would otherwise be responsible for.  

For more information about portable bathroom rentals, contact a local company. 


24 October 2022

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