Why An LED Video Wall Is Better Than A Projector And Screen


If you're organizing an event and you want to be able to share some type of digital product with your guests, you have a handful of options to think about. Some people may automatically gravitate toward a projector and a screen, but there are alternatives that are available. One option is to rent an LED video wall from a local event rental company. These walls are available in many different sizes and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. There's a small learning curve to get up to speed with operating this device, so you won't have trouble even if you're not particularly tech-savvy. Here are some reasons why an LED video wall can be better than a projector and screen.

No Shadows

One of the challenges of using a projector and screen is that there can often be shadows that show up on the screen as people make their way around the room and walk in front of the projector. Unless you're able to mount the projector very high so it's above peoples' heads, which isn't always possible in certain venues, shadow issues can occur. This is something that you won't have to deal with when you have an LED video wall. Like a TV, the image appears directly on the surface of the video wall, allowing people to gather around it without casting shadows on it.

No Focus Issues

You'll also appreciate how whatever you put on your rented LED video wall will appear crisp and in focus, just as if you were to play any file on a laptop computer. This isn't always the case with a projector and screen. When you set up these two devices, you'll need to adjust the focus on the projector to make the image crisp. If you or someone else moves either the projector or the screen at some point during the event, you'll need to adjust the projector again to sharpen the image. This can be a hassle, as you likely have many other duties as you run your event.


There's a good chance that many of your event's guests have attended gatherings that featured screens and projectors. However, many of these people won't likely have seen an LED video wall in use. If you're trying to make your event unique and memorable, renting a video call can be far more impressive than using a screen and projector. If you're interested in adding one of these walls to your upcoming event, browse the available options at an event rental service in your area.


27 December 2022

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