Looking For A Business Partner? Go On A Test Run At An Escape Room


Starting a business is something that you may have wanted to do for a long time, but you may have realized that you will have a greater chance of success with a business partner. Finding this person is much harder than a task such as hiring a service professional because you may be working with this individual for many years and dealing with lots of life-changing decisions. Meeting candidates over coffee is a great way to introduce yourselves and learn more about each other.

22 November 2017

Wedding Reception Ideas When You're On A Budget


It can be difficult when planning a wedding to stay within your budget when you see so many wonderful ideas out there for your wedding. You want your day to be perfect and exactly the way you have always imagined it. This may all seem difficult when you have a strict budget you have to stick to. Just because you have that strict budget though doesn't mean you have to have a sub-par wedding.

9 August 2017

How to Plan a Carnival-Themed Event on a Budget


Whether it is for a birthday or a fundraiser, one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to planning a party is choosing a theme, especially if you are on a tight budget. With a little creativity and planning, you can host a carnival party that will not only be a fun and memorable event but will also be an event that can be pulled off on a limited budget.

12 January 2017

Tips For Cutting Your Wedding Expenses


If you aren't careful, your wedding could end up costing you a small fortune. In 2014, average wedding costs were more than $30,000. For those with a strict wedding budget, looking at numbers like that can be nauseating. Weddings involve a lot of small details — such as reception table decorations, venue decorations, photos, flowers, wedding party attire, and entertainment. All of those things add up quickly, but with a little advance planning, it is possible to keep your expenses within budget.

6 January 2017

5 Tips For Planning A Great Early Or Mid-Day Wedding


Whether you're looking for a way to save on wedding costs or you just prefer to get your big day rolling, having a mid-day wedding and reception can be the perfect way to make your day even more special. If you think this might be a good fit for you, here are five tips for the best mid-day wedding ever. Decide on a Meal. There are three daytime wedding food options to serve your guests: breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

5 January 2017