Planning An Outdoor Event: A Checklist


Do you want your first outdoor event to be a success? Make sure you follow all of the steps on the list below.  Rent a Tent It would be a shame to have great food and entertainment lined up, only for your event to be rained out. So, looking at event tent rentals is your first step to check off. Do this early because the best event tent rental companies can sell out in certain seasons, especially spring when the weather is dubious.

27 April 2018

Enjoying Halloween As An Adult


One of the most celebrated holidays is Halloween, and the reason why is because it has a fun day for people of all ages to enjoy. If you and a group of adult friends is trying to plan out fun activities for the holiday, the options are unlimited. Other than having a typical Halloween party, you and your friends can think outside the box to make the occasion exciting. For instance, make sure the plans are geared towards entertaining children, as they are usually the most excited about the holiday.

17 March 2018

Booking Event Space For Your Wedding Weekend: Three Venues To Consider


When it comes to planning your wedding weekend, there's more to consider than just the place where you will hold your ceremony and reception. There are several other venues you can consider when planning your wedding weekend to make it truly special. Here are three venues to book for your wedding. Rehearsal Dinner Venue When it comes to planning your rehearsal dinner, you'll need to do more than call in a reservation ahead of time.

24 January 2018