Why An LED Video Wall Is Better Than A Projector And Screen


If you're organizing an event and you want to be able to share some type of digital product with your guests, you have a handful of options to think about. Some people may automatically gravitate toward a projector and a screen, but there are alternatives that are available. One option is to rent an LED video wall from a local event rental company. These walls are available in many different sizes and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

27 December 2022

6 Helpful Tips For Renting Portable Toilets


Do you have an event that requires portable toilets for the guests? It can be difficult to figure out what your needs are when it comes to portable toilets. Here are some tips to think about when you place your rental order. Consider The Width Of the Entrances Getting the portable toilets into your event area is definitely a consideration you'll want to take. If you are going through gates, you'll want to make sure that the portable toilet is smaller than the opening that you have.

24 October 2022

Rental Covers — Beautify And Classify Seating Areas


Chair cover rentals allow a party planner to decorate furnishings how they prefer. Covers also protect expensive furnishings, reducing unforeseen costs associated with securing rental furnishings from a venue owner.  Seasonal Covers And Designated Areas Fitted and non-fitted chair covers can be used to deck out a series of furnishings that party guests will be seated in during a public affair. An event material supplier may feature seasonal covers that will be suited for custom events.

19 September 2022

Take Your Booth To The Next Level: Why Invest In Pipe And Drape Stands


If you're looking for a way to improve trade show participation, now's the time to invest in pipe and drape stands. You might think the standard partitions are enough for your trade show booth, but that's not the case. Rigid wall partitions will give you the boundaries you need. But, if you want to provide more than basic boundaries, you need to invest in pipe and drape stands. Pipe and drape stands help take your trade show display to the next level.

13 July 2022

Two Tips To Choose A Wedding Venue Your Guests Will Love


Getting married is one of the most important events in a person's life, and most people want nothing less than the perfect wedding. The wedding venue and associated costs are by far the most expensive component of the wedding. It's also the most important component as the venue sets the tone for everything else. Here are two important things to consider before signing the contract.  1. Acoustics Acoustics probably aren't at the forefront of your mind when dreaming of the ideal venue, but they should be.

8 June 2022

Why You Should Rent A Walk-In Snow Globe


Most people who attend a holiday party are already in a good mood about the festive time of year, but when you add a handful of suitable party rentals to the event, you'll make your attendees' smiles even bigger. It can be fun to check out what holiday-related party rentals are available at your local rental service. You'll see all sorts of options, including walk-in snow globes. Most people are familiar with small snow globes that are popular decorative items around the holidays, but may not have seen a walk-in snow globe.

25 April 2022

Tips For Holding A Special Event At A Castle


If you're looking for a unique special event venue that your guests won't ever forget, consider a castle such as Castle Waterford. The one-of-a-kind venue will provide a sweeping backdrop for your celebration. A castle makes a stunning venue for any type of special event, including both kids' and adults' celebrations, holiday parties, corporate get-togethers and team-building events, anniversary soirees, graduations, wedding receptions, and bridal and baby showers. Guest of all ages will enjoy exploring the rooms, the grounds, and all that the venue has to offer.

28 February 2022